AG Miller Throws Wrench Into Branstad’s Departure Plans

You could call it The Revenge Of David Johnson. Ever since the Republican Senator from Northwest Iowa bolted the party over Donald Trump, his former party members have given him the cold shoulder in the Legislature. So it perhaps was not a coincidence that the person who requested Attorney General Tom Miller review whether Kim Reynolds could take over the Governor’s office and appoint her own Lt. Governor was Johnson himself. Today Miller announced that Reynolds could not, in fact, appoint her own Lt. Governor and potential successor. She can, however, take on the full role and office of the Governor. […]

Will Nate Boulton’s Quick Rise Take Him To Governor’s Office?

Nate Boulton is not the type of candidate that Iowa Democrats have usually put up for statewide office over the past few cycles. He does not have a famous last name. He has served in public office for just four months. At 37, he is the youngest member of the Senate Democratic caucus. The “powers-that-be” have not pushed him forward. But there’s one more way Boulton differs from many past candidates: he’s exciting the Democratic base. The East Des Moines senator had his breakout moment in Iowa politics early this year. Just a month into his first term in the Iowa […]

Rebuilding Iowa, One Democratic County Party At A Time: Woodbury

As Iowa Democrats strategize on ways to rebuild the state party, they can begin by focusing on strengthening their county party foundation. The Democratic county parties – especially in rural areas – are the building blocks that the state party is built upon. It’s the county parties that recruit the local volunteers, fundraise, execute “Get Out the Vote” and win local elections. Democrats recognize that their rural county efforts suffered huge setbacks in the 2016 election, and they need help in rebuilding. Democrats only won six urban counties out of the 99 county total. Woodbury County Democrats stand out as […]