Mike Sherzan Bows Out Of 3rd District Race

Democratic candidate Mike Sherzan is shutting down his recently-launched campaign for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District. Sherzan came in second place in Democrats’ primary in 2016, and had hoped to use lessons learned from that bid to better-position himself for the primary, as well as a general election matchup with Republican David Young. But fundraising concerns and personal issues caused him to pull the plug early. “I am exiting this race because I have recently come to the conclusion that conducting the type of campaign I am comfortable with would require substantial financial self-funding, and that’s not how this process should work,” […]

Will Any Endorsement Be Worth A Damn In Governor’s Race?

Democrats’ gubernatorial nominee for 2018 will not simply be the most important name on the ballot. He or she will also be the defacto leader of the party in a state that hasn’t really had one since Tom Harkin’s retirement in 2014. They have a very big task ahead of them. To say the Democratic Party in Iowa is in a weakened state would be an understatement. The party has not merely lost a significant amount of major elections in recent years. No, the very infrastructure of the left in Iowa is tattered and lacking. There has been few proactive build-the-bench efforts for years. Important […]

Vote Smart Opens Fact HQ At Drake University

If you love and value facts, you should be excited about this announcement. Vote Smart, one of the nation’s premier non-partisan political research organizations, opened their new headquarters at Drake University on Monday. Vote Smart President Richard Kimball said they had looked at 17 schools before selecting Drake University as their new national headquarters. This is a significant boost to Drake University’s growing reputation as a center for political research. Drake currently houses the political archives of both former Governor Robert Ray and Senator Tom Harkin. Bringing Vote Smart to Drake enhances central Iowa’s pivotal role in political relevance and […]