Demand Answers At Upcoming Forums, Tax Day Rallies

Iowa’s Congressional delegation are on their Easter recess until April 21. This is an opportunity for you to demand answers on the Trump agenda.  We know the activists that attended the first set of Town Halls were very effective. These activists changed public opinion on Obamacare and stopped Republicans from passing their Trumpcare alternative. However, the fight over Obamacare isn’t over. Congressman Ryan is promising to continue the repeal effort.

In addition, we must hold Senator Grassley, Senator Ernst, Congressman Blum, King and Young accountable and demand answers. Below is the Town Hall locator by state. As of this posting Ernst and Grassley have none scheduled. Blum has two, Young has been conducting some this week and King has none scheduled. Continue to check this site as they post their events.

Here is the Town Hall finder by state,

This weekend on Saturday, April 15th there will be Tax Day Rallies in several Iowa cities. They are sponsored by Action Iowa and Indivisible Iowa. There may be more Iowa cities added to the list by week’s end.

Cedar Rapids at noon, IRS Office, 3205 Williams Blvd.

Des Moines at noon, Cowles Commons 

Sioux City Public Library, 10:30 am, Sioux City, IA

The National Tax Day website provides this description of their goals for the April 15 events:

“The Tax Day March is a movement gaining momentum around the country to demand transparency and fairness from our Commander-and-Chief. Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump told the American people he would release his tax returns. Despite intense public pressue, President Trump has not yet done so-breaking 40 years of precedent in the process. His administration’s excuse? “People don’t care” We do care. Without seeing his tax returns, we have no idea what he’s hiding-shady business deals? Financial ties to foreign countries? Conflicts of interest? Or who his policies are really benefitting. On April 15, were marching on Washington and in communities across the country to send a clear message to Donald Trump: You work for us, and we demand answers.”

Below is the Iowa Facebook description and goals of the Iowa Tax Day rallies.

  1. Minorities are unfairly targeted by federal tax codes and typically pay a higher rate of taxes. We will not tolerate attacks of any kind against minorities in Iowa.
  1. Donald Trump has not released his tax returns. We do not know how his private business enterprises are entangled with OUR Federal Government. We demand the release of Trump’s tax returns.
  1. Our tax monies are being improperly allocated resulting in cuts to education, healthcare, infrastructure, housing, state and federal employees, state and federal agencies, and more. We demand a financially responsible state and federal government.
  1. Our tax dollars will be used to support the building of a wall along the southern border and the building of the Keystone and DAPL pipelines. We demand the building of a wall and pipelines be stopped by Senators Ernst and Grassley and Congressmen King, Young, Loebsack, and Blum.
  1. We demand representation with our taxation!

On April 15th we stand with Black Lives Matter, immigrants, Planned Parenthood, DVIP, labor unions, environmentalists, and public servants.

Please find an April 15th event near you and add your voice at one of these rallies.


by Rick Smith
Posted 4/11/17

3 Comments on "Demand Answers At Upcoming Forums, Tax Day Rallies"

  • So, Blum has scheduled two. Where…? (Ahh, finally found them. Cedar Rapids on 4/21, and Waterloo on 4/20) Well, give him hell for me, please!)

    • From what I read elsewhere the Senior Fair may only have his staffers there. Wouldn’t be surprised if the veterans fair is the same. The Open Carry event tomorrow is by ticket and vetting only.

  • “On April 15th we stand with Black Lives Matter, immigrants, Planned Parenthood, DVIP, labor unions, environmentalists, and public servants.” Seems to me that standing with Iowa residents would result in more election victories. Standing with these groups resulted in a lot of democrat losses in 2016.

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