Todd Prichard Promises A Fight To Win Back Blue Collar Voters

A packed room of nearly 100 Democratic activists in Des Moines’ Beaverdale neighborhood gave Todd Prichard a positive reception Tuesday night as chatter increases over his likely run for the governor’s office. Prichard, a state representative from Charles City, previewed a very early version of a stump speech, focusing on several stories from his blue collar upbringing in Davenport and his service in Iraq. “I am considering a run for Governor,” Prichard acknowledged right off the bat to the gathered crowd, adding that he’s doing his due diligence to get around the state and listen to voters. He spoke to local […]

Branstad Celebrates Behind Closed Doors With Koch Lobbyist

Governor Terry Branstad’s bill signing ceremony for the most anti-labor bill in recent Iowa history was reserved for a very special guest. Drew Klein, the state director and lobbyist for the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP) got an extraordinary front row seat at the private closed door signing. Branstad demanded a secret signing ceremony, shutting out both the press and the public as he signed away the rights of 180,000 Iowans. The Republicans’ devious manipulation of this labor-killing legislation has repeatedly betrayed the Iowa legacy of open and transparent government. Governor Branstad’s final poke in the eye to Iowans was […]