Republicans Rely On Mistruths To Succeed in 2016

Republicans have to lie because they are still touting the same policies that doomed the Bush administration … tax cuts for the rich (trickle down), cutting social security and medicare, denial of the science of global warming, more boots on the ground in the Middle East, less regulation of Wall Street, raising the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, and more guns as the solution.

The Lies

Late night comedians talk about republicans living in an information “bubble” of lies that bears little resemblance to the truth. Here are just a few of the lies regularly thrown around by Republicans:

  • Obama is a Muslim
  • Obama not born in the US
  • Climate change is a hoax
  • The Earth is 6000 years old
  • Wealth inequality if good
  • Obamacare is a job killer
  • Obamacare has increased costs
  • Tax cuts on rich will trickle down
  • Obama increased the deficit
  • Wall Street can self-regulate
  • More guns are the solution

Pullitzer Prize winner PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter checked Trump and Hillary statements through June 29th (130 for Hillary and 158 for Trump) with these amazing results proving that Trump is by far the biggest liar.

Here is a summary of the results:

Hillary vs Trump

True (16 vs 4)

Mostly True (48 vs 10)

Half True (24 vs 21)

Mostly False (16 vs 28)

False (15 vs 65)

Pants on Fire (1 vs 30)

Note the Pants on Fire comparison. Trump tells big lies and little lies. In fact he lies 76% of the time. This is easily approaching the behavior of a sociopath! (Look it up.) What does he fear about the truth? He is lying about revealing his tax returns. That’s Trump! He simply lies again and again.

Some Actual Policy Outcome Facts

Recessions: Did you know that every Republican presidency of the twentieth century managed to include a financial crisis, recession or depression, according to data from the National Bureau of Economic Research?

George W. Bush – 2007-2008 Financial Crisis, Great Recession
George H.W. Bush- 1990-91 Recession
Ronald Reagan -1981-82 Double Dip Recession, 1987 S&L Crisis
Gerald Ford -1973-75 Recession
Richard Nixon- 1969-70 Recession
Dwight Eisenhower- 1953, 1958 Recessions
Herbert Hoover- Financial Crash, Great Depression
Coolidge- 1926-27 Recession; Harding- 1923-24 Recession, W.H .Taft- 1907 Financial Panic followed by Recession, Theodore Roosevelt- 1902-04 Recession.

Jobs: The Obama and Clinton administrations have so far produced 34 million jobs, the Bush administrations less than a million new private sector jobs, despite all those tax cuts for the rich. So much for tax cuts for the rich “trickling down.” Econ 101: More money in the hands of the rich versus the rest of us becomes a drag on the economy as the rich tend to not spend it at the same rate as the rest of us.

Stock market, Wall Street regulation, and Deficits: Since 1945 the stock market has done much better under Democratic Presidents, outperforming the Republican Presidents 9.7% to 6.7%. George W. Bush had negative returns of -4.6% over his eight years (S&P Capital IQ.) Tax cuts for the rich (trickle down) was good for the rich but bad for the overall economy. Deregulation of Wall Street and gutting of the SEC opened the door for fraud, the housing crisis, and the Great Recession of 2007. Bush turned Clinton’s surpluses into trillion dollar deficits, massive job losses, the housing crisis, and a stock market in free fall. Trump is touting trickle down, a more aggressive military, and an economic policy that experts say will produce massive deficits. Since taking office Obama has been able to cut the deficit by 70%, end the Bush recession, reducing unemployment to 5%, and get the economy growing again in spite of constant GOP obstruction. Trump has all the potential to be even worse than Bush!

Foreign Policy: President Clinton was successful in working with our NATO allies in removing Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosovic from office with nearly no loss of American lives. President GW Bush’s misguided attack of Iraq (a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 9/11) was a catastrophic mistake as we lost several thousand American lives with another 20 to 30 thousand suffering a variety of extreme physical and mental injuries. This directly led to the formation of ISIS. Bush left office with a very low favorability ratings with the American public and even lower ratings among of our key allies. President Obama cut our troop levels in the Middle East and has negotiated a deal with Iran that will take a nuclear bomb “off the table” for 20 years. Fortunately we were able to “sandwich” the disastrous Bush presidency with two strong democratic presidencies. A return to the failed policies of the Bush administration (Trump) would be bad for the country.

Healthcare: Healthcare costs rose dramatically during the first decade of the new millennium averaging nearly 10% per year. Over 50 million Americans were without healthcare. The World Health Organization has ranked the US healthcare system as the worst of the 19 or so so-called developed countries. Our costs are nearly double while yielding worse outcomes. Republicans touted US healthcare as the best in the world. Obamacare lowered the cost curve considerably while covering an additional 20 million Americans, forcing insurance companies to spend a higher percentage of their premium revenue on patient care, eliminating the penalty due to pre-existing conditions, and much more. The Republicans spread lies about Obamacare and want to repeal and replace it. Hillary will push for expanding Obamacare to universal healthcare or a Medicare for all. Trump wants to get rid of it and replace it with something “really good.” In other words he has no plan.

Bottom Line: We must elect Hillary

It is very important that we elect Hillary as our next president. She is tough, smart, and experienced. She was an excellent senator and Secretary of State. She does not support trickle-down economics! She supports continuing to improve Obamacare. She believes the scientists and that climate change is a defining challenge of our time. She is very concerned with US wealth inequality and supports raising taxes on billionaires. She is pro-choice. She believes in strengthening of medicare and social security. She will continue the successes of President Obama and will have an excellent chief advisor in Bill.

And she is by far the most honest candidate.


by Tim Delong
Posted 11/7/16

5 Comments on "Republicans Rely On Mistruths To Succeed in 2016"

  • Surprised that Demos would want to bring up lies with Hillary as thier candidate. FBI says she lied, would trust them more than a biased sources such a politifact.

    • Bob Flanagan: And the FBI retracted Director Comey’s lies regrading her emails. Put a fork in it. It’s done.

      • Margaret Rand, I refer you to Gowdy’s questioning of Comey during the congressional hearings. Surely you’re not naive enough to believe that she isn’t a habitual liar.

  • If any body thinks that using half truths, outright lies, and innuendos, are going to subside, or diminish in anyway, they are fooling themselves. If anything changes it’s that we will see more of it, because people are drawn to it, like insects to a flame!

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