Shooting Suspect Appears To Be In Confederate Flag Incident

Police have identified Scott Michael Greene of Urbandale as the suspect in the horrific killings of two police officers in Des Moines last night. Officers from the Des Moines and Urbandale police departments were shot and killed while in their vehicles, responding to a shooting around Merle Hay Road.

Greene appears to have a YouTube page in which he records a incident where police escort him out of an Urbandale High School football game. It’s not absolutely clear if this is the same Greene, but the photo of him in one of the YouTube images looks very similar to the mugshot released by police.

Judging from an eleven-minute long YouTube video, it appears Greene waved a Confederate Flag in the stands of an Urbandale High School game in front of a section of African American attendees. He was escorted out by police after causing a disturbance. Afterwards, he argues with police that he was simply excercising his right to free speech, complained that his flag was taken, and accused someone of assaulting him during it.

His YouTube video specifically called it “police abuse” in the title.

“You have to understand in the current social climate that we are in, when you fly a Confederate Flag in front of several African American people, you’re going to cause a disturbance,” said one officer to Greene near the end of the video.

In the comments section, Greene explained he was angered by “blacks” protesting the national anthem, and accused black people of being “cop haters.”


One of the two officers was murdered at the intersection right by the Urbandale football stadium.


by Pat Rynard

8 Comments on "Shooting Suspect Appears To Be In Confederate Flag Incident"

  • So he thinks he’s defending police, then, because they escort him out, he does more than “insult” them… he murders two. So sad.

  • Actually, he exhibits deranged thinking – plenty of blacks have given their lives for this country, probably even a greater % on a population basis given that they were more often sent to the front lines during Korea and Vietnam – which makes it COMPLETELY believable that he would turn around and kill cops. Perhaps he considered THESE cops to be “race traitors.”

  • lol @ allegedly. Get real, Donald (Trump, is it?) Calling peaceful people who protest by sitting/kneeling thru the national anthem “cop-haters” is the first sign this guy is a nutjob. Going to a game and waving a racist rag around in front black minors just to hurt and anger them is the second sign this guy is a nutjob. You can see his FB and Twitter pages for signs #3-30000 of why this guy is a total nut. The first sign that you are a total nut yourself, “Donald” is that you are posting here defending this whackjob murderer.

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