These Democratic Legislators Need To Help Boost Turnout In Their Districts

Now that we’re several days into early voting, clear trends are beginning to emerge around the state. Early voting and absentee requests in targeted swing legislative districts are nearly twice that as non-targeted districts. This is to be expected to an extent, as a larger effort with additional staff, direct mail and candidate time is done in the districts that will determine who controls the Senate and House majority. But when you start to think about these numbers on a statewide basis, the low early turnout numbers coming out of Iowa’s most-Democratic legislative districts is a bit concerning. There’s a few […]

Donald Trump’s Jobs Lie From The Debate

During the Presidential debate, Donald Trump repeated his contention that massive job losses have been lost in Ohio and Michigan due to bad trade deals with Mexico and China. “Bigly” losses. His appeal to “working class white male voters” is premised on their displacement from work. Before the March primaries, Ohio Gov. John Kasich boasted that Ohio created 400,000 jobs in his state and would do the same for Michigan as president. The total number of jobs in Ohio actually increased by about 383,500 since Kasich took over as governor in January 2011 and Ohio added 400,700 private-sector jobs from January 2011 […]

Former Marine Pat Ritter Runs On Water Quality In Northeast Iowa House Race

Far from both parties’ activist cores and the state political press, a Northeast Iowa legislative race might hold the key to which party controls the Iowa House next session. The Decorah-based House District 55 features an open seat where both parties have fielded strong candidates. On the Democratic side is Pat Ritter, a 34-year-old attorney and former Marine from West Union, the more-Republican side of the district. Republicans nominated Michael Bergan, a well-known former Winneshiek county supervisor who has deep family roots throughout the Democratic side of the district. House District 55 covers almost all of Winneshiek County, including Decorah, […]