Clinton’s 103-Year-Old Iowa Supporter, Ruline Steininger, In New Video

The Clinton campaign released a video today featuring Iowa’s Ruline Steininger, a 103-year-old Hillary Clinton supporter born before women achieved the right to vote. In it, Ruline explains what Clinton’s candidacy means to her and women around the country. The Pleasant Hill resident garnered considerable media attention back during the Iowa Caucus and was even followed on caucus night by a CNN crew.

In the video she reads off part of her letter that she sent to Clinton before the caucus, in which she describes the many world events she saw during her life. She tells Clinton in her second century she hopes to vote for a woman president. Her biggest goal now, she says: to stay alive through November in order to cast that vote for Clinton.

“When i was in high school, a girl could only be two things: you could be a school teacher or you could be a nurse. There was no other choice for a woman,” Ruline says in the video. “The sky’s the limit now. You can be president.”

The video shows images of many female firsts, including women earning the right to vote, the first woman to receive a Purple Heart medal and the first woman to win a Nobel Prize.

Ruline got to meet Clinton shortly before the caucus this year and Clinton wrote her back as well, thanking her for her support.

by Pat Rynard
Posted 8/31/16

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