Days Since Last Offensive Steve King Statement: 0

In a perfect example of the projection defense mechanism, Republican Congressman Steve King called the move to place Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill “racist” and “sexist.” King argued that it was divisive to put a woman of color on the currency, replacing President Andrew Jackson, because it was simply “liberal activism” by President Obama to divide people.


It appears King believes that recognizing an inspiring historical figure like Tubman is a racist attack on white people, because she is black. Or something like that, it’s a little frightening to get into King’s head. At it’s core, King is either an outright racist himself, or sadly thinks in bizarre, perverted terms of right vs left on every single issue imaginable, so to him black person = Democrat = bad.

Iowans are pretty used to King’s insane statements at this point, whether it be watermelon calves, comparing immigrants to livestocks, dogs and cockroaches, dismissing torture as “hazing,” or comparing gay marriage to lawn mower-marriage. But it’s still shocking, disappointing and embarrassing to Iowa every time he does it.

What to do? Well, there’s an election coming up. Kim Weaver is the Democrat running against him.

“Iowans have four representatives in the United States House of Representatives, and unfortunately one of them seems to maintain a laser focus on where his next headline-grabbing piece of stunt legislation will come from,” Weaver said in a statement. “What will this amendment do for residents of Iowa’s 4th District? Nothing. How will it make the lives of his constituents better? It won’t. And what chance does this meaningless and mean-spirited gesture have of actually passing? Just like most measures introduced by Steve King, none.”

If King wants to make the $20 bill a campaign issue, perhaps those outraged by King should respond in kind. Tubman may not yet be on the $20 bill, but when you donate online, you can imagine whatever person’s face you want on your contribution. Americans sick of Steve King may want to send a Tubman or two to Weaver’s campaign to help her finally oust Iowa’s biggest embarrassment.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 6/22/16

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