New Poll Has Clinton Crushing Trump In Iowa, Grassley Up 1% (With Caveats)

A new Loras Poll released on Thursday showed Hillary Clinton easily defeating Donald Trump in Iowa by over 14 points, 48.2% to 33.8% in a two-way matchup. And it has now become the third recent poll that shows Patty Judge within striking distance of Chuck Grassley. Loras puts the race at a surprisingly close 45.8% to 44.5% in Grassley’s favor. View the entire poll here. Those are some amazingly good numbers for Democrats in this swing state, and perhaps a little too rosy. The Loras Poll is still a relatively new outfit, started in 2014 and operated by Loras College in Dubuque. […]

Iowa Supreme Court Delivers Voting Rights Setback

The Iowa Supreme Court delivered a major blow this morning to the efforts to extend voting rights to people convicted of felonies. In a 4-3 decision, the court upheld an appeals court decision that all felonies fall under the “infamous crimes” definition, thus preventing them from having their voting rights restored without a special restoration from the Governor. Read the entire decision here. In a short majority opinion, Chief Justice Cady wrote that Kelli Jo Griffin’s felony conviction for delivery of a controlled substance does count as an “infamous crime,” and that it disqualified her from voting in Iowa. However, he […]

What Other Judges Can And Can’t Grassley Ignore?

Patty Judge has framed herself in this year’s Iowa Senate race as “the Judge Grassley can’t ignore,” referring to Senator Chuck Grassley’s refusal to hold hearings for Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. So far she’s been right – Grassley’s reelection numbers are looking rather weak for a 6-term incumbent. He was under 50% in a recent poll and up only 7 over Judge. Grassley’s campaign has recently fired off some attacks her way. But is the former Democratic Lt. Governor the only Judge Grassley can’t ignore? There’s a lot of other judges out there, not all of them awaiting the […]

Remember, Iowa: Here’s What Donald Trump Thinks Of Wind Energy

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took some time this past week to visit the all-important swing state of Scotland, during a visit to the opening of one of his luxury golf courses outside Aberdeen. Trump praised his son for his management of the property, took reporters on tours and used the occasion to praise the Brexit vote. What went unmentioned, however, was the long battle Trump fought with the locals in developing his golf course. His biggest enemy during that fight? Wind energy. “Ugly monstrosities” and “horrendous machines” is what Trump called the clean energy structures in the planned 11-turbine wind farm […]

Failed Candidate Tom Fiegen Calls On Defeating ALL Democrats

Former U.S. Senate candidate Tom Fiegen has not taken his blowout defeat in this month’s primary very well. After receiving a mere 6.8% of the vote in a four-way primary (a regression from his 9.4% total in the 2010 Senate primary), Fiegen refused to congratulate or endorse his opponents. A few weeks later, he officially left the Democratic Party. Now he’s calling on his voters to reject all Democrats running for office, up and down the ballot. Fiegen was a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders during his Senate run. Since the end of the national primaries, some of Sanders’ most ardent supporters […]

Terry Branstad’s Mental Health Care Crisis

Guest post from House Democratic Leader Mark Smith Dead last. That’s Iowa’s new ranking in mental health beds available for our citizens.  It’s an embarrassing ranking and a critical situation for Iowa families with loved ones suffering from mental illnesses. The ranking comes from the non-partisan Treatment Advocacy Center in a report that came out last week. It found Iowa has just 64 state beds for mental health patients, which translates into two beds for every 100,000 Iowans. Unfortunately, it gets worse. The report also found that 60% of those mental health beds are already being used by inmates in our […]

4 Ways Mark Lofgren’s Policies Are Spookier Than Muscatine’s Men In Black

There’s some spooky stuff going on in Muscatine these days: shadowy men in black trench coats are reportedly standing on the side of rural and city roads, upsetting local residents. Some have claimed they try to step out in front of cars as they pass by in the night. No one’s really sure who they are, but the rumors have spread like wildfire through Muscatine social media. It’s very concerning for many in Muscatine, but there’s an even greater threat making its way down the city’s streets, even coming right up to people’s doors. It’s politician Mark Lofgren, candidate for […]

Sick Of Steve King’s Insanity? You Could Send A Tubman To His Opponent

Days Since Last Offensive Steve King Statement: 0 In a perfect example of the projection defense mechanism, Republican Congressman Steve King called the move to place Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill “racist” and “sexist.” King argued that it was divisive to put a woman of color on the currency, replacing President Andrew Jackson, because it was simply “liberal activism” by President Obama to divide people. Okay. It appears King believes that recognizing an inspiring historical figure like Tubman is a racist attack on white people, because she is black. Or something like that, it’s a little frightening to get into […]

Monica Vernon Gets Ground Game Assist From Progressive Turnout Project

Democrats will be getting some extra ground forces in their battle to flip Iowa’s 1st District back to their control. The Progressive Turnout Project is launching a full field operation to assist Democrat Monica Vernon in her campaign against Republican Congressman Rod Blum. They already have more than ten organizers on the ground in the district, with plans to add more between now and the election. The 1st District is seen by Democrats nationally as one of their best chances for a pick-up, and key to the party’s chances of retaking the House (no longer a complete impossibility with Trump […]

“Legalizing All Drugs” Makes The Iowa Dems Platform Too Easy To Ignore

During a lengthy state convention this weekend, the new official platform for the Iowa Democratic Party got notably more progressive, thanks in particular to the many new Bernie Sanders supporters. An addition to a $15/hour minimum wage was easily passed, the environmental section opposed fossil fuels and had robust water quality measures, and a plank supported a single payer healthcare system. After some contentious debates, delegates also voted for opposing Superdelegates. And then they got to the “Criminal Justice” section. That’s where the couple hundred delegates still around late into the evening voted in favor of the “Legalizing all drugs” plank. This […]