Taking A Writing Break, Check Back On Monday

Hey readers, I’m going to be taking a break from writing for the rest of this week and weekend, but I’ll be back on Monday. I never really took a rest after the Iowa Caucus and my home and business to-do list has been piling up for months and months. I’m going to focus on that for a bit to get caught up so I can do better writing with that stuff off my mind. See you next week!   Pat

Clinton’s Iowa Caucus Win Looks More Impressive In Retrospect

The Clinton campaign celebrated their Iowa Caucus victory back on February 1st, but they had certainly hoped for a larger margin. Nearly two months later, however, that win is looking better and better after a string of blowout defeats to Bernie Sanders in other caucus states. Sanders finally made up a bit of the delegate gap between him and Clinton on Saturday with large margins of victories in the Washington (73%), Alaska (82%) and Hawaii (70%) caucuses. He still faces a nearly insurmountable task in overtaking Clinton’s national lead, but it was yet another day in which caucus states gave the […]

Will SCOTUS Scrutiny Spell The End Of The “Full Grassley”?

Where’s Chuck Grassley? Not many people seem to know the answer to that, despite the Senate being on a two-week recess. That’s typically when Iowa’s senior senator embarks on his much-publicized county meetings as part of his 99 county “Full Grassley” tour. But ever since the Supreme Court nomination process, in which Grassley has been steadfast in his denial to hold hearings as the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley’s tone and working style have really changed. The overwhelming pressure both nationally and in Iowa to act on the Merrick Garland nomination seems to be getting under his skin. And now […]

Rod Blum Wishes A Recession On A Major American City

  Most politicians typically advocate for more jobs and economic development. Unless you’re Rod Blum, apparently. The Iowa Congressman from the 1st District set off a small firestorm of controversy and criticism on Tuesday evening when he tweeted out from his personal account that he hoped the city of Washington D.C. would suffer an economic recession. Why would he wish such a thing on American people? Because apparently he was upset by some construction cranes he saw in the D.C. area, and figured that economic success there was bad and only caused by misspent taxpayer dollars. There’s more than one problem […]

Rising Star Profile: North Liberty Mayor Amy Nielsen

When Amy Nielsen ran for mayor of North Liberty in 2014, few expected her to succeed. It was her first campaign for public office in a city she had only lived in for seven years, up against an incumbent who had been involved in local government for 15 years. While her opponent criticized her lack of experience, Nielsen ran on a message of new ideas and a fresh perspective. She won with a convincing 55% of the vote. In a sign of how dismissive the elected establishment had been of Nielsen, her opponent had few of the typically kind words that one […]

More Groups Join Coalition Demanding Grassley Act On Nomination

A crowd of over 50 Iowans formed a rally outside the federal building that houses Chuck Grassley’s office in Des Moines on Monday. They were there to implore the Senate Judiciary Chair to hold hearings and a vote on Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy. While “Do Your Job” protests have been going on for several weeks in Iowa, this one saw NextGen Climate Action, the League of Conservation Voters and MoveOn.org join the cause. Each one helped organize some of its members to attend the noontime demonstration. Their addition added to the many Iowans […]

Iowa Republican Candidate Has Greatest Name Ever

It takes a lot of guts to put your name on the ballot for public office. Unless you have a really badass name, that is. In that case, you’re doing a great service to America. So let me introduce you to the greatest patriot in all of Iowa this year: Rebel Snodgrass, Republican candidate for Iowa House District 26. Yes, it seems ole Rebel Snodgrass was the best person the Republican Party of Iowa could find to take on Democratic State Representative Scott Ourth in this Warren County district where registered Republicans outnumber Democrats. He filed his official papers to […]

Local Democrats Need To Step Up And Run In These 10 Districts

If you’re a Democrat who’s ever had the slightest bit of interest in running for public office, I’m telling you: 2016 is your time. With Donald Trump almost certain to be the Republican nominee, it’s entirely possible this year’s election will produce a massive wave that sweeps Republicans out of office at all levels, similar to 1964 with Barry Goldwater. Trump is viewed unfavorably by an astonishing 2/3 of the American people. Sure, Trump has defied the odds plenty of the times in the Republican primary so nothing’s a sure bet, but there’s a growing consensus that Democrats could enjoy […]

Iowa Already The Center Of The Political Universe Again

That didn’t take long. A mere seven weeks ago the TV satellite trucks and campaign headquarters packed up and headed out from Iowa following the caucus. As it happens every four years, the national spotlight flickers out on Iowa in the blink of an eye, with all the political staff and reporters that we’ve become friends with vanishing to now more-interesting states. Iowa doesn’t quite turn into a pumpkin, but we’re certainly not a fancy stagecoach anymore. But guess what? The political gods determined this couldn’t stand for long and have thrust Iowa back into center stage. As is only […]

Does An Actual Nominee Affect Chuck Grassley’s Race Much?

For weeks Senator Chuck Grassley has come under fire for his refusal to hold hearings for President Barack Obama’s eventual Supreme Court nominee. That nominee now has a face, a name and a record, with Merrick Garland getting the nod to be Obama’s choice to replace Antoin Scalia. Does it matter? And for the Iowa angle, does it change anything that much in Grassley’s re-election race Obviously, simply having a nominee drives the story more and now puts the ball in Grassley’s court. “Now that President Obama has done his job by making a nomination, it’s time for Chuck Grassley […]