Sunday Grab Bag: Dem Debate, Wendy Davis, Sanders Fundraising Record

Good morning readers! Well, the Democratic primary finally got back into the news this week, though not for what anyone expected. The firestorm over the Sanders/DNC data breach set off a nasty two days of internal fighting in the Democratic Party. Fortunately, Sanders’ VAN access has been restored and hopefully everyone can start to move on. The Democratic Debate The third debate for the Democrats has come and gone, and little has changed because of it. All three candidates put in very solid performances, but there weren’t any real break-out moments. That’s not good for Sanders or O’Malley, both of […]

Sanders Campaign’s Reckless Reaction To Data Breach Is A Danger To All Democrats

“Incompetence” “Heavy-handed … unprecedented” “Stolen by the DNC” “Taking our campaign hostage” “Death sentence” Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, pulled absolutely no punches throughout Friday in responding to the DNC’s actions to shut down the Sanders’ campaign access to VAN, the campaign’s main voter file. It was the culmination of months of frustration with the DNC, which the Sanders campaign and many others see as being biased toward Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. Some of it was certainly justified, but what was notably lacking in most of the Sanders campaign’s response was any sense of contrition. Their national data director (not, […]

Sanders Campaign Crippled As DNC Shuts Off VoteBuilder Access

It’s going to be a lousy day for Bernie Sanders field staffers and volunteers around the country as they sit down to their computers and find they can’t log into VoteBuilder, the campaign’s voter database. The DNC shut down access for the campaign’s all-important voter file yesterday after a Sanders staffer apparently took advantage of a breach in the database’s firewall to access Clinton campaign information. NGP VAN, the well-respected and universally-used Democratic data firm that runs VoteBuilder, briefly allowed campaigns to see certain data from each other while installing a new patch. During that time a Sanders staffer reportedly […]

4 Remaining Questions For The Iowa Caucus

After nearly an entire year of campaigning, many big story lines have played themselves out in the Iowa Caucus. Hillary Clinton had her scare early on as she struggled with email server questions while Bernie Sanders surged, but has since regained her footing and lead in the polls. Ben Carson has played out the full Icarus plot, and likely won’t factor much into the final result. We’ve lost good candidates and bad along the way, most done in by Donald Trump’s dominance of the media conversation. Jeb Bush was fatally crippled by Trump’s attacks, but hasn’t accepted it yet. What […]

Mike Sherzan Launches Campaign, Mowrer Releases More Endorsements

The Democrats’ race for the 3rd District nomination got a little more crowded today as West Des Moines businessman Mike Sherzan jumped into the race. Sherzan ran briefly for the seat back in 2013, and has been considering a new campaign for several months. We spoke with him on his thoughts for the 3rd last month. “My parents raised four children on my father’s salary as a salesman,” Sherzan said in a press release announcing his candidacy. “He taught us that if we worked hard, we could succeed. But today, many hardworking Iowa families are struggling to keep up. We […]

In Iowa Climate Change The New Top Issue On College Campuses

Climate change activists cheered last week as the Paris Climate summit produced a pact between 195 countries that aimed to reduce greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. But they were also cognizant of just how long it had taken the world to get to this point, years and years after the need for action had become abundantly clear. And in America, especially during campaign season, the follow-through on those climate plans can seem frustratingly difficult to achieve. However, visit a college campus, particularly an Iowa college campus, and you’ll see a whole other world. Climate change in recent years has […]

How Democrats Are Expanding Access To The Iowa Caucus

Guest Post from IDP Chair Andy McGuire The Democratic Party is proud to be the party of inclusion. We believe that our party, our state and our country are strongest when everyone has a seat at the table and has an opportunity to shape the future. Here at the Iowa Democratic Party, we have been hard at work to make sure that our caucuses reflect the values our party holds dear. One of the things that makes that Iowa caucuses so special is that Iowans come together with their neighbors at the same time and the same place to discuss […]

Monday Power Rankings: Democrats – Sanders Still In It, But Clinton Leads

With the Des Moines Register releasing its latest Iowa Poll on the Democratic field this morning, let’s take a look at the state of the race for Democrats. Several other polls in recent months showed Clinton with a commanding lead in Iowa, but Ann Selzer’s survey often picks up support from first-time caucus-goers, and this latest one is better for Sanders. Clinton leads with 48% to Sanders’ 39%. O’Malley comes in a very distant third at 4%. So obviously our rankings for the Democrats are not going to change (as they haven’t all year), but there’s still plenty to mull […]

O’Malley Stands With Muslims Following Trump’s Religious Ban

Third place Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is taking Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. and running against it – hard. O’Malley quickly bashed the GOP contender on Monday in Iowa, calling Trump “a fascist demagogue.” But O’Malley went a step further. He visited a mosque in Sterling, Virginia on Friday to further insert himself into the conversation and call attention toward the Muslim community’s concerns. “I know that there have been many acts of violence,” said O’Malley to the crowd. “I know there are acts of ignorance that have been encouraged by some in our […]

Sunday Grab Bag: Bernie Blackout, Leadership, Iowa Poll, Carson’s Focus

Good morning readers! So that was an interesting week in American politics, huh? I’m not sure if I can remember anything quite like a presidential candidate proposing a complete ban on an entire religious group from entering the country. Every time we thought the 2016 election cycle has hit a new low… In fact, I’m sure Trump will roll out something in the next month that will make this week look tame in comparison. Anyway, here’s our quick(er) takes on some other stories from the week: Bernie’s Media Blackout This week Bernie Sanders’ campaign lambasted the media for their lack […]