The Daily Show Mocks Iowa GOP Chair For Denying Press Access

The press risers and tables were packed at the Republican Party of Iowa’s Growth And Opportunity Party this Saturday, but one media outlet wasn’t able to get inside: The Daily Show. Iowa GOP chair Jeff Kaufmann decided to deny Trevor Noah’s team access to the 10 candidate event, out of a stated concern that they would “make fun of Iowa.”

That obviously didn’t sit too well with The Daily Show, and Noah lambasted Kaufmann and the Iowa GOP on the show Tuesday night. Noah criticized the decision to be shut out of the Growth And Opportunity event, which he described as “not, as the name suggests, an erectile dysfunction support group,” and suggested Kaufmann wasn’t being truthful about his real intentions.

“So come on Mr. Kaufmann, what you did here is disingenuous,” Noah said. “You shouldn’t hide behind Iowa when the things you really don’t want people make fun of are pretty obvious here. You don’t want people making fun of your terrible candidates and your ridiculous event. As far as I’m concerned, the Iowa GOP can suck its own caucus.”

And Noah did mostly refrain from mocking Iowa, turning his focus to the Republican candidates (who he said were there competing for eight place). He also criticized the Iowa GOP’s event itself, particularly the ridiculous-looking Hillary Clinton scarecrow.

“I mean, guys, if you wanted a fake, empty Hillary Clinton, you could’ve just used Carly Fiorina,” Noah said of their display, in what is possibly the harshest, most succinct criticism of Fiorina Starting Line has heard this year.

“You and me, Iowa, we’re cool,” Noah assured his viewers. “But Republican chair Jeff Kaufmann, you George Costanza/Neuman hybrid, this isn’t over.”

In retaliation The Daily Show will now host its own party, “The Daily Show’s Official Jeff Kaufmann-less Blowout.” Check it out on Facebook – it actually sounds like a lot of fun, and one Starting Line would be all too eager to host here in Iowa. The activities they have planned include “Eating all Jeff Kaufmann’s favorite foods” and “Talking smack about Jeff Kaufmann.” There will also be scarecrow-making, deep fried potato sack races, and dodge corn (which they describe as dodge ball, but with corn).

Watch the clip below, or jump over to the official site since my website wants to fight with me today and not properly embed it on the page:


by Pat Rynard
Posted 11/4/15

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