Iowa GOP Senator Says War Refugees Want Invasion, “Free Stuff”

By Pat Rynard

September 12, 2015

The increased calls for America to accept more refugees fleeing from terror and violence in the Syrian civil war really got one Iowa Republican State Senator’s blood boiling this week. Senator Jason Schultz from Western Iowa went on Jan Mickelson’s radio show on Thursday to blast Senator Chuck Grassley’s recent suggestion that Iowa could take in some refugees, suggesting that doing so would encourage an “invasion” of Muslims who want to spread Sharia law.

“That just made me furious,” Scultz said he felt upon reading Grassley’s comments this week. “This isn’t our problem, we’re already broke.”

Many politicians have recently made that argument, saying that America simply has many other pressing concerns and doesn’t have the resources to accept tens of thousands of people seeking refuge (although Germany is bringing in 800,000 on their own). But then Shultz went considerably further in his argument, offering up sinister motivations for the refugees.

“We already have issues with concentrations of Middle Eastern refugees or migrants coming in and taking over communities,” Schultz said. “They don’t want to assimilate. They do not want to become Americans. They only want the free stuff from America. They practice a religion that orders them to dominate and they want to live under Sharia law, which they will not subordinate under our law while they live here and enjoy our protections and our goodies.”

One would presume that the free “goodies” these people are looking for, after fleeing their destroyed modern cities with nothing but a few personal belongings on their back, would include a warm meal, a blanket and a bed to sleep in which they are not constantly worried of being raped and murdered in.

“This is an invasion and they’re spreading their ideology by force,” Schultz insisted when Mickelson brought up that mosques might be built in Germany for the new population.

Calling himself a “Christian conservative,” Schultz said he worried the plan was already in place to bring in many refugees, pointing to one article he read about Grassley’s comments as clear proof the fix was in. He told Mickelson that he’s since brought up the topic at volley ball games and Bible studies around his district this week, finding everyone he tells about it to be “furious” at the idea.

“I guess my adrenaline’s all floating again here, I will lose this office, I will burn down what I gotta burn down,” Schultz said of his passion on the issue, encouraging voters to contact Grassley’s office. “This country and the state need to be saved and it’s not going to happen unless we stand up and scream.”

Schultz represents the conservative Western Iowa counties of Harrison, Shelby, Monona, Crawford and Ida, along with parts of Woodbury. Starting Line is unaware of any communities within his district that have recently been “taken over” over by Sharia law adherents.

“I bet a lot of Iowans wish they could wash Senator Schultz’s mouth out with soap and open his heart to humanity,” State Senator Janet Petersen said in response when contacted by Starting Line. “We have too many leaders in this world who use their power to spew hate, ignorance and racism.”

“If Senator Schultz met some of the refugees I’ve had the honor of working with over the past few years, he’d change his tune,” explains Petersen. “They are such warm-hearted people who are so thankful to have a safe place to raise their children. They are survivors. Many of these refugees have witnessed the horror of losing their parents, siblings and children. Senator Schultz claims they just want free stuff from America. What he doesn’t say is the free stuff they want is freedom – freedom from violence and genocide. If we as Americans can’t open our hearts to that dream, then shame on us.”


by Pat Rynard
Posted 9/12/15

  • Pat Rynard

    Pat Rynard founded Iowa Starting Line in 2015. He is now Courier Newsroom's National Political Editor, where he oversees political reporters across the country. He still keeps a close eye on Iowa politics, his dog's name is Frank, and football season is his favorite time of year.

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