Shocker: Ravi Patel Withdraws From 1st District Race

In a very surprising development for the 1st District Democratic primary, Ravi Patel has announced he is withdrawing from the race. Patel entered the campaign back in February after being seen as a rising star by some in the party who had encouraged him to run. The president of Hawkeye Hotels, Patel had already impressed many with his massive fundraising haul from the 1st quarter. In a statement first announced from his Twitter account, Patel indicated his desire to see a united Democratic Party in the effort to unseat Republican Rod Blum. “For me, running for Congress was a great […]

Gary Kroeger Nabs State Legislator Endorsement in 1st District Race

1st District Democrat Gary Kroeger has added an important name to his corner for his Congressional campaign. Timi Brown-Powers, the freshman State Representative from Waterloo, has endorsed Kroeger. Brown-Powers had previously backed Monica Vernon and often attended her events earlier in this year and last, but recently decided to align herself with Team Kroeger. “We need the candidate who can win in that district, and of the four, I only have faith in two of them, with Gary Kroeger being the one I feel I can hold the most accountable,” Brown-Powers says of the competitive 1st District field, having not […]

What Entrepreneurs And Start-Ups Are Looking For In A President

Start-up businesses face a tough road. Entrepreneurs will struggle with funding, resources, and competing with bigger businesses for consumer attention. But there is another potential battle that start-ups could be facing: government regulation. To win that battle, many entrepreneurs are looking at the upcoming elections and wondering which candidate can guide them through the jungle of red tape. Not every entrepreneur is the same, and preferences for specific parties differ, but there are a few factors they seem to be looking for in a potential candidate. An open mind and a willingness to listen. Uber Technologies, the company that uses […]