New Poll Has Bad News for Iowa GOP, Good News for Corn

An extensive new poll testing Iowans’ opinions was released by Public Policy Polling, providing plenty to chew over for the politically-inclined. The poll tested Iowa Caucus candidate preferences for both Democrats and Republicans. DesMoinesDem just put up a good analysis of that today, so you can check out insight into that section at Bleeding Heartland. I found the polling done on Iowa issues and Iowa electeds to be particularly interesting. Here’s what stood out to me: Democrats Hold Advantage in Congressional Approval All three Republican Congressmen are underwater in their approval numbers, while Democrat Dave Loebsack is the only with […]

Adel Man Who Met Hillary Inspired to Run for Iowa House

It’s been a busy month for Bryce Smith. The owner of an Adel bowling alley was among five other small business owners to talk with Hillary Clinton at roundtable meeting in Norwalk on her first official campaign swing. His name and issues were the first mentioned by Clinton in a Des Moines Register op-ed earlier this week. Now he’s running for the Iowa House in District 19. The 23-year-old Democrat is a recent graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, where he studied political science and education. He grew up in De Soto in Dallas County, went to ADM High […]

Baltimore Chaos Threatens O’Malley’s Legacy, Campaign Launch

In just a few weeks’ time, Martin O’Malley is expected to officially announce his campaign for President, with Baltimore as his kick-off location. Last night that city was engulfed by violence, chaos, fires and clashes between rioters and police, the latest major American city to struggle with fallout from an African American man’s death after an encounter with police. For a man who’s built his reputation on his effective governing of Baltimore and Maryland, this is certainly not how O’Malley envisioned the backdrop of his presidential launch to look. This was supposed to be an enjoyable week for the former […]

Key Takeaways From the GOP Faith and Freedom Event

Iowa Republicans were treated to a nine candidate speech-a-thon on Saturday night at the Faith and Freedom coalition’s event at a Waukee church. It’s always difficult figuring out how to condense so much information into one write-up, but here’s my best attempt with the key takeaways that stood out to me: The Standouts: Jindal and Fiorina Perhaps it was partially from overcoming low expectations, but Bobby Jindal and Carly Fiorina were breakout stars Saturday night. Jindal’s speech was the best I’ve ever seen from him. He concentrated on his parents’ immigration from India and his personal journey with faith, adding […]

Sunday Grab Bag: Slow Down Cruz, Dems’ Plans and Twitter Brigades

Good afternoon readers! As always, a lot happened in the political world this week. Enjoy our Sunday Grab Bag of shorter takes on a number of Iowa and national political topics: Calm Down There, Teddy Most of the candidates at last night’s Faith and Freedom Coalition gave their typical stump speech, with an emphasis on religious issues. Ted Cruz, however, rolled out some new attack lines that raised a few eyebrows and got the crowd cheering and stomping their feet. He claimed the Democratic Party was practicing “liberal fascism” against Christians with their stances on gay marriage, and went so […]

Don’t Disqualify Yourself for the General Election on Climate, Activists Warn GOP

The issues of climate change and renewable energy will be key issues during the presidential primaries and the general election, promised NextGen Climate leader Tom Steyer at a press conference at Drake University earlier this week. The man financing the climate action organization plans a robust operation during the Iowa Caucus to force candidates to explain their positions on the climate issues and clean energy and hold them accountable for their views. On Wednesday he warned that many Republicans candidates have already placed themselves in the science denying camp. “If you get pushed to the right in the Republican primary […]

Enough With Elizabeth Warren – Progressives Need An Actual Candidate

How many times does a girl need to say “no” before you realize she’s just not that into you? The big dance is coming up for Democrats, and many progressives are still hoping Elizabeth Warren will be their date. Never mind that she’s declined the offer multiple, multiple times in the starkest of terms. But progressives are in love, still seeing stars when they look at their anti-Wall Street crusader, who they believe has the best chance to beat Hillary for Homecoming Queen. All the while a quieter young man is hanging out in the corner, hoping desperately for someone […]

1st District Fundraising: Patel Leads, Vernon’s OK, Blum’s Lousy

The 1st quarter fundraising reports came out recently, and the race for Iowa’s 1st District continues to be one of the most interesting in the country. Let’s take a look at the numbers: Rod Blum Raised – Individuals: $49,043 Raised – PACs: $70,499 Raised – Candidate Loans: $500,000 Total: $620,512 Spent: $20,697 Cash on Hand: $644, 373 Let’s start with the incumbent. Freshman Congressman Rod Blum did himself no favors in dismissing the idea that he’s the most vulnerable Republican in the country. He raised an anemic $49,043 from individual donors, and another $70,499 from PACs, which included the likes […]

Sunday Grab Bag: Oh Hey Rubio’s In, O’Malley Dings Clinton, and Daily Mail

Good morning readers! As always, a lot happened in the political world this week. Enjoy our Sunday Grab Bag of shorter takes on a number of Iowa and national political topics: Rubio Announces, I Guess Poor Marco Rubio. Already facing an uphill battle to gain credibility and win the Republican nomination, his announcement on Monday was completely overshadowed by the week’s all-out Hillary Clinton coverage. He let the media know weeks in advance which day he’d announce, but was helpless in breaking through cable news’ obsession with Clinton’s road trip and Chipotle stop. Some wonder whether Clinton views Rubio as […]

Young People in Iowa Politics: One Clerk’s Journey to Advocacy

When Ruth Lapointe of Mason City, Iowa started her clerkship in the Iowa House for Rep. Chris Hall this legislative session she never imagined she would be fighting for a bill surrounding an issue so close to home. The bill, House File 3 (HF3), was proposed to improve the invasion of privacy law by reducing the burden of proof for victims of peeping Toms, and increasing penalties of certain invasion of privacy cases. Lapointe discovered the bill while reading the news one morning. The original bill, Senate File 15 (SF15), was introduced by Sen. Amy Sinclair. This version removed the […]