Key Takeaways From The Iowa Primary Results

Iowans didn’t have to stay up too late last night to see who came out on top of the main primary races on both the Democratic and Republican side. For the most part things played out as people expected. Starting Line will spend part of the next week taking some dives into specific primary results and what it means for the general. For the moment, let’s take a look at some of the main takeaways from the night:   Hogg Keeps It Close, Has A Bright Future Things looked bleak for Rob Hogg when the Des Moines Register released a poll on […]

What To Watch For In Today’s Iowa Primaries

It’s primary day in Iowa! Polls are open until 9:00PM, and campaigns are going all-out today to get their identified supporters to the polls. What should Iowa politics watchers keep their eye on tonight? Starting Line has a few suggestions below. You can also watch myself and The Iowa Republican’s Craig Robinson do live commentary on the results tonight with the ABC 5/WOI team. We’ll be covering the results on The CW Channel (Channel 9 in Des Moines, I believe), then on Channel 5 during their 10:00 newscast. Make sure to tune in for some good, informed analysis!   Iowa Senate In […]

A Day On The Trail With Jim Mowrer

Jim Mowrer has heard this speech before. Sitting at a table in Plymouth Church’s Waveland Hall two weeks ago, Mowrer listened as Mike Sherzan gave his pitch about his business background and issues he cared about. The speech Desmund Adams gave later hit on his usual key topics of building coalitions to win elections. And when Mowrer got up to address the 50 attendees at the early morning Women for a Concerned America organization, he slid easily into his own talking points. “My entire career has been about service to Iowa and service to my country,” Mowrer says. “I grew […]

First Critical Ad Up In 3rd District Primary, Other Hits Surface

Just mid-last week, the campaigns of Jim Mowrer and Mike Sherzan were discussing a pledge to keep things positive for the remainder of the 3rd District primary. Whatever loose agreement they constructed quickly went out the window at the 3rd District debate last Wednesday, though the criticisms there of each other were relatively light. Democrats in the Des Moines/Council Bluffs district have wondered for a while if the candidates would begin criticizing each other, given that some believe that Sherzan and Mowrer could end up in a very tight race on election night. Today, however, the 3rd District race has moved into […]

Democrats Keep Up Pressure On David Young’s “Vote-Switching Scandal”

Democrats in Iowa are working to make sure that voters don’t forget about David Young’s recent votes on LGBT protections in defense and energy spending bills. The first-term Congressman in the 3rd District is seen as potentially vulnerable this November, and any high-profile misstep could tarnish the little-known Young. At a 3rd District Democratic debate last night, Desmund Adams repeatedly referred to Young as “Congressman Flip-Flop.” Mike Sherzan blasted Young last week as “voting for discrimination.” Another one of Young’s potential Democratic opponents, Jim Mowrer, held a press conference today to drive home the point, calling it a “vote-switching scandal.” […]

Another Look At Updated Early Vote Numbers For The Primary

With just two weeks left before Iowa’s primary elections on June 7, let’s take another look at the early vote totals across the state. A lot has changed since we first discussed the numbers three weeks ago. The Secretary of State’s office is posting these totals regularly now, so you can always go check yourself on their website. Also, here’s the useful list of candidates running. One caveat for the numbers I’m posting here – you’ll note that in some places the return rate of absentee ballots is very low. My guess in most of these cases is that those are areas […]

Behold: The Most Pointless, Vapid Political Speech Ever, By David Young

What does David Young stand for? Who the hell knows. Two days after switching his vote at the last minute on a LGBT provision in the U.S. House after it looked like it might actually pass, Congressman Young took the stage at the Iowa Republican state convention. What followed could generously be described as the most boring, pointless, vapid political speech ever given. The first-term Congressman has kept a relatively low profile since his unique win in 2014. It’s been difficult to determine what issues and causes he really feels passionate about, or how he even stands on most key […]

A Day On The Trail With Desmund Adams

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, Desmund Adams was on the road again. This day he was headed west, to campaign stops in Adair County and Council Bluffs. Adams, one of three Democratic candidates in the 3rd District primary, has logged a lot of miles during his campaign across the district’s 16 counties, meeting Democratic organizations, small town reporters, and community leaders for the past year. It’s earned him a number of endorsements from elected officials and local leaders, and gotten his name out to grass-top Democratic activists. The retail-heavy focus has been an intentional strategy from Adams, but also a […]

David Young Just Did A Last-Minute Vote Switch On LGBT Protections

Republican Congressman David Young today voted for a measure that would have protected LGBT individuals from discrimination in government contracting. Well, until he switched his vote to a “No,” that is. Why? Because it looked like the amendment might actually pass. A amendment to a Veterans Affairs spending bill would have prevented government contracts from going to companies that discriminated against the LGBT community. That was a response to language in the original bill that would have protected companies “religious liberty,” which many thought could be used to discriminate against gay people. The original vote stood at 217 to 206 […]

What Early Voting Numbers May Say About Iowa’s Primary Races

Early voting in Iowa’s June 7th primary has now been underway for a week. Iowans can vote in person at their county auditor’s office or by an absentee ballot at home. The number of those absentees are always a very interesting thing to track (especially to this former field staffer). It’s one of the only public numbers you can get that gives a neutral observer a look into the campaigns. They can tell you a lot about where the excitement is around the state for certain races and which campaigns may be well-organized, hitting the pavement to get requests and collect […]